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Free accounting software proof that price and quality are not the same thing

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SMEs are under fire from big business the world over, The critical missing ingredient that makes SME business unequal is information systems. Proprietary solutions are simply beyond the reach of SMEs, and any attempt to adopt these systems will lead you to a never ending cycle of licence payments. TurboCASH Accounting begins to solve the inequality problem.


TurboCASH Accounting is a community developed, top drawer, SME accounting package with a 30 year history that will make your business competitive. Here is a world class software package that is going to improve your profitability. Best of all it is free. There are no catches here. We are not looking to become your "accounting department". It is our pleasure to watch you make profit.  As a community member, we want you to use TurboCASH-  FREE



TurboCASH is the world’s leading open source accounting software for small business. TurboCASH is available in 25 languages, covering over 80 different tax regimes. When you join us as a user, a consultant or a developer, you join a community of over 100 000. TurboCASH is developed from the contributions of hundreds of upstreaming developers in many compatible open source projects. We run on most major operating system platforms - all from a single compile!



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